“Wicked Tuna”: How Long is Tuna Fishing Season?

Tuna is a globally adored type of seafood. Tuna fishing is both a thrilling sporting activity and a lucrative economic venture you should consider.

‘How long is tuna season or how long is the Wicked Tuna fishing season? is a frequently asked question tourists who wish to visit Florida ask.

Read through our short write-up to know how long tuna season lasts in various states.

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How Long Is  Tuna Season?

Tuna fishing is a lucrative adventure that pays the undertakers handsomely. The few months of exercise are enough to pay the anglers enough money to sustain their families for a year.

The tuna season varies from state to state depending on the weather.

Winter determines the length of each tuna season in most parts of America. The tuna season peaks towards the offset of winter and lasts for about 6 months.

Fishing experts can use the last season’s winter records to predict the incoming one.

Tuna fishing peaks during the summer and spring seasons in other parts of the world like Cape Town.

The most popular tuna seasons last up to six months especially in warmer regions.

Veteran anglers know how to successfully survive in the fishing sport. They know they should:

  • Cary is a heavy offshore tackle when setting out for the sea.
  • Buy a saltwater license available online
  • Follow the state’s regulations and updates to the latter.

How Long Is Tuna Season in the US?

Tuna fishing is prevalent in most states of America and the fishing season varies from one state to the other as follows:


Florida experiences war tropical weather which is ideal for fishing. It is regarded as the capital of fishing since fishing takes place throughout the year

However, the peak season ranges between May and September.


Hawaii is a popular tourist destination and is known for its yellowfin tuna.

The tuna fishing season in this state extends from May to June with a high peak between June and August.


Louisiana is a city of seafood. Bluefin tuna, precisely, makes it a hotspot for local and international gastro tourists.

Tuna fishing is done throughout the year given its favorable weather conditions.


Fishing in Texas is seasonal and unreliable due to its unpredictable weather.

Offshore anglers in this region advise that the best time to catch tuna is between July and November.


Delaware delights in plenty of yellowfin tuna that lasts throughout the year.


California is an ideal state for all-time fishing though October and December are low seasons.

High records are between July and August.


Washington is known for its albacore tuna and fishing here peaks from August to September.

Albacore tuna are numerous even during the summer.

New England

There are lots of Bluefin tuna in the northern part of New England.

The two feasible fishing seasons are between January- March, and June to November.


Bluefin tuna are accessible in plenty in the north of this region.

Local anglers from this region say that December is the only month they struggle to hit their targets.

January to November remain months of bountiful catches.

How Long Is The Tuna Season in Massachusetts?

The state is rich in Bluefin tuna which is abundant during the summer. At this time, the fishermen fill their baskets within the first 3 miles of their fishing trip.

They use specific bait to target giant tuna in their nets.

Sporting fishermen flock in this region between August and September.

Tourists who manage to catch fish during the excursion also get to enjoy 1/5 of the proceeds. This makes the fishing experience more enjoyable thus attracting massive numbers of tourists.

How Long Is Tuna Season In The Outer Banks?

There are two fishing seasons on the outer bank:

The early season runs from November to May. It’s a tricky season though the fishermen can’t go home empty-handed.

Sometimes they sail 50 miles away before they land on a tuna.

You have to employ high-end tactics to bail a tuna into your boat. You must initiate a feeding frenzy by throwing chunks of baits into the water to lure the unsuspecting giant Bluefin tuna to the top waters.

However, there are modern tactics to bait the tuna and successful anglers must adopt them to keep the competition.

The late season which is the most promising runs from February to June. Fishers long for this season because they enjoy a bountiful catch of big tuna.

During the late season, the tuna come close to the surface of the water and you can catch one at 100 feet below the waters.

Bluefin tuna are fond of feeding on the water surface or slightly below making them easy prey for hungry fishermen.

It requires an experienced angler to skillfully cast their nets to catch several tuna at ago.

Besides the expertise, you also need strong equipment such as a fishing rod to bring the giant tuna onboard.

Other places outside the USA that are rich in tuna include Cape Town, Mallorca, the Bahamas, and Tenerife.

How Long Is The Wicked Tuna Season?

The wicked tuna season is greatly influenced by the winter. A harsh winter season means that the tuna season begins late hence it lasts for a short period.

The wicked tuna show broadcasts everything to do with tuna fishing. It has stolen the hearts of many recreational American anglers.

Most fans enjoy watching giant fish pulled from the boats.

The popular show was first aired in 2012. A season of the wicked show lasts for 3-3.5 months (approximately 14 weeks).

There is a series of 8 wicked tuna seasons and each has up to 10 episodes.

The top show has demonstrated expert fishermen earn a fortune from the deep-sea fishing sport.

How Long Does The Bluefin Tuna Season Last?

There are two types of Bluefin tuna seasons:

  • The pacific Bluefin tuna season in California extends from May to October.
  • The Atlantic Bluefin season in North Eastern America runs from June to November. Its two shows have earned great popularity and are ranked the best.

How Long Is The Bluefin Tuna Season In Gloucester?

The coast of Gloucester Bluefin tuna hub and many anglers target the place. It produces the world’s largest tuna fish that weigh up to 1,000 pounds with a length of 8 feet.

These oversized tuna are the favorite for the fishermen because they have the best proceeds.

The high peak season runs from June to October.

The authorities advertise the exact onset and the end date of the Bluefin season in this particular region.

You should include a fishing trip to Gloucester in your to-do list and you will love it.

Tuna Fishing Season Facts You Should Know

These are the take-outs you must remember when you set out for a sportfishing trip:

  • There are two major species of tuna that the fishermen target; the Bluefin tuna and the yellowfin tuna.
  • Bluefin is the largest of the two species and has two sub-species too; the Atlantic and the pacific bluefin tuna.
  • Atlantic Bluefin tuna’s high season starts in June and ends in November while the pacific tuna’s best season hits between May and October.
  • Yellowfin tuna are plentiful during the summer.
  • There are stipulated state laws that govern tuna fishing to make the exercise sustainable. It is a state requirement that sporting fishermen must bag a certain bag limit depending on the size of the tuna, their vessel type, region, and the license they obtained.
  • Tuna fishing is best done at night because the fish’s eyes are shy to the light.

The Bottom Line

Tuna fishing is a thrilling sport that earns several households a living.

According to expert anglers, winter greatly influences the length of the fishing season.

The tuna fishing season lasts for 6 months in most states on average with a peak in June, July, and August.

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